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Nicki Rupe  started the company as a home staging business in California and  discovered more people were in need of home organizing systems that would help make their lives more fluid and productive.   Now,  as an It's Clutter Chaos!  professional organizer in the Jacksonville area of Florida the company works closely with you, not to judge your home or the "stuff" in your home, but to help you sort through it all to create order and balance in your surroundings.    Respect for your possessions, and your wish to proceed in a way that is comfortable for you, is paramount in providing workable and sustainable organizing systems that work for you and your lifestyle.

The end result?  A comfortable,  stress-free, and clutter-free environment.   Doesn't that sound wonderful?   You'll feel refreshed and happy the next time you step  into a pleasing home, where you'll be able to find everything with ease.   No stress.  No hassle.  No clutter.

In addition to our commitment to you, I can set up periodic follow-up appointment(s) and see how you're maintaining and enjoying home organization.   I'm always happy to answer questions you have along the way.

My  goal is to transform your home...and your just 1 day by helping you change clutter habits and mindset , teaching you basic principles of clutter management and time organization, and get back your peace and order.   Your  goal is to enjoy your family in your spacious surroundings.   And best of all, we'll do it together!

Don't wait until you look like Clutter Cleo.  Call us to create great results now.    Click here  to get started!

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It's Clutter Chaos!

About It's Clutter Chaos! , LLC

I can  help you identify  problems areas in your  home that are keeping you from performing chores and activities of daily living  because of disorganization, help recognize  personal habits that are keeping you disorganized, and guide you to better, clutter-free practices to achieve a higher level of efficiency in your surroundings.

Serving Jacksonville, Florida  and surrounding communities

"Transform your home...and your just 1 day!"

Nicki Rupe 

Professional Organizer

and Home Staging Expert