Serving Jacksonville, Florida  and surrounding communities

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"Transform your home...and your just 1 day!"

Nicki Rupe 

Professional Organizer

and Home Staging Expert 


It's Clutter Chaos!

Now IMAGINE:   peace.   freedom.   joy.   relief.   relaxation.   time.   beauty.   order.  

Sound like things you'd like to have?  Then let's get started!


Some folks aren't sure if they need, or can afford, to hire a Professional Organizer.  Some are mystified as to what organizers do and how it would benefit them, their family, home or lifestyle.  

Take our little survey.   If you answered "yes" to most questions, then you're probably ready to hire an organizer to help make your life clutter free and, more importantly...stress free.  

Afterwards, ask yourself:   What's it worth to be stress free from my clutter and disorganization?

  • Can't remember where you put your ________ (fill in the blank)?
  • Is your closet so overburdened that you just pick the quickest thing in sight just to start your work day?
  • Can't see the floors, walls, or surfaces beneath or around the clutter?
  • Are you dumping things just where you stop when you're in a hurry, telling yourself you'll put it away later...and never do?
  • Do your kitchen drawers contain more utensils than you actually use?
  • Is your pantry overflowing with food you've never eaten?
  • Do you rush out of the house in the morning with a sink full of dishes, a cat box that needs emptying, or the vacuum that needs to be put away?
  • Have more than one junk drawer?
  • Are you constantly searching the drawer or closet for the right piece of clothing and disrupt the others garments around it, trying to get to the bottom of the pile?
  • Do you walk into your  home where the rooms are pleasing to the eye? 
  • Stressed out seeing stuff around you and you don't know where to begin to straighten things up, so you just WALK AWAY FROM IT???