Here's wishing you a clear road to a clutter-free life.

Ingredients and Instructions:

  1. Days of unopened mail, plunked on a desk.
  2. Add a sprinkling of receipts and some unknown odds and ends.
  3. Include pieces of broken items you know fit something, somewhere.
  4. Mix well with a helping of cute little things friends gave you.
  5. Spoon in a dollop of items you had to have because they were on sale.
  6. Scoop in special occasion cards you've gathered over time.
  7. Give it a good stir with several souvenirs from your past vacations.
  8. Find another space, and repeat above ingredients.
  9. Again, find another space, repeat above ingredients.
  10. Let stand for days, weeks, months or years, and voila!  You've created a batch of clutter!

I've made this recipe several times before. Have you? Life gets in the way, but you can enjoy your home again.  So here's an even better recipe I'll share on the next page.

Best Peace & Harmony Recipe Ever!

It's Clutter Chaos!

Recipe for Clutter Mash

Ingredients and Instructions:

  1. Select a Professional Organizer who works well with you and your situation.
  2. Add a healthy dose of work sessions to Sort, Toss, Keep or Donate.
  3. Mix well with appropriate organizing tools and systems just right for you.
  4. Exercise positive habits to put things away immediately after use.
  5. Incorporate the 3-week rule of maintaining good organizing habits so it becomes part of your daily routine.
  6. Save money and time not having to search for lost items.
  7. Sprinkle follow-up appointments, ensuring your organizing is still as good as the first day.
  8. Enjoy your new spaces with family and friends!
  9. Live a stress-free and clutter-free life.

I've also made this recipe several times before with years of happy and successful clients.  Best recipe ever!