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Clearing the estate    of a deceased family member, or even just downsizing, can be a daunting task.   It's Clutter Chaos!  helps to manage this necessary business.   Personal attention, high level of expertise and extraordinary sensitivity  is what brings clients to use our services, and refer us to their friends.   We take care of these family matters, so you can take care of the family that now matters the most.

Family members who are dealing with the passing of a loved one typically:

-Grieving themselves and can't think about dealing with the disposition of property immediately

-Helping other family members through the grief

-Spin in circles and don’t have resources to guide them with what's necessary for clearing a loved one's possessions
-Have other responsibilities and time constraints
-Need help with decisions
-Are usually putting the house on the market
-Just so many things they are dealing with


The following is a sample list of services  for a  Comprehensive Estate Clearing project:

  • Create a complete and extensive digital inventory of household contents
  • Assess total scope of estate project, determine tasks for completion, and timeline for clearing of total estate and disposition of property
  • Sort and/or organize personal effects
  • Arrange for certified appraisals, and prepare items for  estate sale or auction
  • Inventory, evaluate and distribute charitable donations
  • Hands-on packing, moving and storing of property
  • Plan and prepare for hauling away of unnecessary items
  • Organize the sale of personal property, as appropriate , to vendors, tag sale specialists, collectors, or consignment
  • Locate and organize vital documents, jewelry and other valuables
  • Coordinate the services of  vetted house cleaners, repairmen, carpenters, painters, carpet repair/removal/replacement, and landscape services
  • Prepare house for real estate showing, appraisal and staging
  • Maintain and submit a final report providing executor/executrix with a thorough and complete document(s) of all tasks performed, and expenses related to and leading to the total estate clearing and disposition.

Please contact us for details regarding the fee schedule for estate clearing:  843-231-6183 or email

We can custom tailor your project to meet your  specific needs  knowledgeably, responsibly, and in a timely manner.

“Why the obsession with worldly possessions ?

When it's your time to go, they have to stay behind, so pack light.”
― Alex Morritt, Impromptu Scribe      

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