Shelving over the commode using free USPS boxes, contact paper and chalk labels

Narrow, walk-through  bedroom closet..same amount of stuff, now just  organized.  Organization leads to more space!

Under sink organizing shelf and storage bins

Corral toys with colorful bins and cubbies ; these help children see what it looks like to keep things neat and tidy and encourages them to put everything back in its place

Creating a conversational atmosphere in the living room with better staging.

View production photos of the Zen room transformation and create your own serene  space

A Tale of Two Offices

Bedroom staged for home sale using items from other rooms

Organizing a home school room  for better purpose

Create a purposeful space for quiet self-awareness and meditation

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After:   Neat and multi-functional, displaying the cookbooks previously housed in the adjoining dining room;  ample under dryer storage utilized

Makeup drawer with use of compartmental organizer

Before:   Laundry room  disorganized and dysfunctional; potential storage under dryer not used

A 40'x60' three-bay shop reorganized and streamlined for better efficiency

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"Transform your home...and your just 1 day!"

The Ongoing Projects Gallery


Before the clutter and after decluttering;  we organized the relevant contents in bins, baskets, and  then installed or replaced workable storage and equipment  for a home office.  The remainder of the clutter was discarded, donated or repurposed in other rooms in the house

Serving Central Alabama and surrounding communities

A thorough garage cleanout and organization.   All loose items, boxes, and debris have been discarded, donated, and organized in the garage and attic.  Now there's room to play, work out, or park the car

Previously, tub held storage;  now it can be functional again

Home office closet with mixed  items, now turned into exclusive office supply closet

Culling books, toys, and debris,  creates a darling little room for a darling little girl

A catch-all room turns into a cozy guest bedroom

Nicki Rupe 

Professional Organizer 


Big brother now has bins and cubbies in his closet, and  hanged clothes are color coded for  quick and easy visual access , and easier to put back in place.

It's Clutter Chaos!

Master Bedroom (left and right side of room); repositioning furniture, adding sheer curtains, door hung, and paint