Are you looking for YOUR Mr. or Ms. Right? 

It occurred to me that people have a bit of a dilemma when looking for a professional organizer because there are many to choose from, specifically, the right one for THEM.  The task of hiring one could be just as overwhelming as the accumulated clutter that stares back.  It really doesn't matter if the organizer is a man or a woman, older or younger, tall or short, has oodles of years' experience or one who is just opening a professional organizing business in the local area. 

Choices also include:  Professional organizers who just want to take on clients living within a 25-mile radius.  Others are willing to travel miles and miles to help someone gain peace and harmony getting them back on the organizing track.  Personally, I have traveled hundreds of miles, and even into a nearby State, to fulfill both my passion for organizing as well as help someone achieve their level of efficiency through better organizing. In addition, there are organizers who absolutely LOVE working with paper and setting up files.  Some have expertise in the kitchen and pantry areas where their work will dazzle the spaghetti off your noodles!  Did you know there are also organizers who specialize in bringing order to your boxes of photographs?

So as professional organizers we come in different sizes, different colors, different genders, and specialists in many areas of organizing.  Whatever specific project you have in mind, there is surely an expert or two that will get the job done.  Like I said, you have many to choose from.  So which one of us gets hired by you?  And does it really matter?

In a way, it does.  Choosing a professional organizer goes beyond just interviewing a candidate

to fill a vacancy in a company.  What DOES matter is choosing one who is compatible with not

just you, but to the project you have in mind; much like choosing an item from column A

and one from column B.  To be honest, it's sort of like sizing up a person as a potential date...

let me expand on this a bit. 

When you hire an organizer, you have to have...dare I say it?  Chemistry!  The reason is because this person will be digging through your intimate drawers, know exactly what's in your medicine cabinet, and discover all that clutter even YOU didn't know you had.  An organizer is that person who confidently and confidentially guides you through the process of sorting and decluttering all that stuff.  So, yeah, chemistry is important.  And you won't know if that chemistry exists unless you talk to and meet with more than one of them. 

And if you're curious, it's not just YOU who is doing the sizing up.  A professional organizer also has to determine if a potential client is someone they want to work with and if the project is within their scope or expertise.  If you're someone whose paperwork and filings have gotten to the point of being declared a disaster zone, you're best served working with someone who absolutely loves clearing away and setting up the best filing management system that works for you.  By the same token, if paperwork isn't the organizer's bailiwick, chances are he/she has a network of other organizers they can refer you to.  See what I mean?  It's like matching up the Yin to your Yang and vise versa. 

When the pairing of an organizer and client works in synergistic harmony, the best of both worlds reaches its zenith.  Nirvana!  The work environment and work relationship are fluid and it was  always meant to be, and together they get massive amounts of things done!  On the other hand, just imagine if you and your chosen one don't quite blend in personality, goals, and work style.  It could result in something less than what both of you imagined or sought to accomplish.  Like a date that didn't work out so well, right?  Your client is left being too gun shy to hire ANY organizer ever again because of the bad experience; the organizer feels they've fallen short of helping someone who was in serious need of organizing help.  While organizers are willing to meet just about any challenging task presented to them, they are also keenly aware of limitations of a non-working relationship, environments that present personal health and safety issues, or client's goals that are simply unrealistic.  It is then they would probably suggest, with the client's consent, transferring the project to another organizer best suited for the project or, part ways with the client in the most amicable way possible.  Chalk it up to a learning experience and growth going forward...for both parties.

The Huffington Post published a 2013 survey summarizing that home organization is one of the universal stressor triggers for Americans.* According to this article, 84% of stressed Americans worry their home isn't clean or organized enough, and within that group, 55% called it out as a source of recent stress.  And it wasn't just a stressor for women:  81% of men and 87% of women reported experiencing anxiety over home upkeep.  

And the main culprit of home-related stress?  Clutter...which many survey respondents describe as being overwhelming for them. One anonymous commenter said that keeping things organized and clutter under control is a "constant struggle."  "Clutter in the house causes me to feel stressed when getting something done or getting ready for anything," another respondent added.

The article also mentions that clutter CAN raise your anxiety levels.  Research bears out that clutter raises levels of the stress hormone cortisol.  And in the workplace, excess clutter can result in decreased productivity and unprofessional behavior.  In summary, people are in need of organizers and their skills.

It would be good to note here that professional organizers are experts.  They have chosen this career because they have a natural talent, instinct, and passion for organizing, whether it's in the home, outside activity areas, storage, or craft and hobby areas.  They have a great respect for their clients and their possessions.  I have known organizers who go BEYOND the call of duty, spending many more work sessions often outside of the project agreement to make sure their client is happy and goals are realized.  And isn't that what we started out to achieve?

Since I'm a professional organizer at It's Clutter Chaos!  I have to make a shameful plug for my website.  I am a full-service Professional Organizer.  If you haven't read the full line of services I offer, please refer to the Services page on    As mentioned in my bio, I enjoy and am passionate about organizing.  I can tackle most challenges you give me, so bring it!  I'd love to create peace and harmony in your surroundings.  Would we have chemistry?  Maybe.  We won't know until we meet.

So when you get to the point of looking for a professional organizer to help with clutter management, introduce home organization systems, or a total decluttering of your spaces, please remember that we are here to help you in any way we can...even if that help means referring you to YOUR Mr. or Ms. Right.....who just might be me.

Here's wishing you a clear road to a clutter-free life.


It's Clutter Chaos!

Happily, most all organizer/client coupledom is wonderful and fruitful, and some even turn into lifelong friendships as a result of their close working relationships to reach their shared goals.  Ahh, ain't chemistry grand!   And rest assured, there are bunches of people out there who need the services of, and are looking for, a professional organizer to call their very own.  And that's just not my viewpoint.

Finding Your Mr or Ms Right