Supporting Our Military Families...unpacking one box at a time!
It's Clutter Chaos! is proud to serve our military!  And they support this business!
I unpack the boxes and organize their homes, all with the efficiency of a drill sergeant

and the precision of flight formations!  

Do you have excesses of everything you've collected throughout your many moves? 

Do you have furniture pieces that fit in the previous PCS home, but now don't quite fit in your new digs? 

Sorting, decluttering, organizing and home staging are our specialties.

Whether you're here for a TDY or PCS,  two months or two years, now you can
enjoy your stress-free surroundings to focus on your duties at the Naval Air Station 
or enjoy  your home and family in the historic Jacksonville & St. Augustine area.

To our brave service men and women located around the world, we thank you for your service. 
We pray you are kept out of harm's way, and know that you are loved and appreciated

back home...wherever that might be. 

It's Clutter Chaos!

"This has truly been a life-changing experience.  I feel like I have a new office room in my home.  The before and after pics are amazing.  From being ashamed to let anyone see my office, I am now proud to show it to anyone.  I love it.  Nicki is great!" --  Betty, Montgomery, AL

About Us

"After the first organizing session with Nicki, my office space took on a totally different appearance.  It felt new, it felt fresh, and it felt special.  Most importantly, it felt freeing, and I felt free from my disorganization.   If you're a bit overwhelmed with the clutter in your house and don't have the foggiest idea how to get it done yourself, work with Nicki.  She'll help you make your home feel like a million bucks!" -- Martha D.,

The Villages, FL


                                              Nicki Rupe started a home staging                                                                  business in California in 2006.  Several                                                          years later we realized more people were in                                                need of home organizing systems which                                                      would help make their lives more fluid and                                                  efficient, and clear the way to effectively 

                                              stage their homes for sale.  One of our paramount goals is to provide workable and sustainable organizing systems that work for you and your lifestyle.  The end result?  A comfortable, enjoyable, clutter-free and stress-free environment.  And best of all, we can do it together!  Now It's Clutter Chaos! will take its brand of professional organizing to include interior design/redesign, home staging, color consulting, and online E-Design services via our sister company,

Call or email and let's get started! 


Declutter Spaces

Whatever your clutter challenge, we can help you create peace and harmony in your environment by getting you more organized.  Are you ready?  We are, so call now!

Organizing Our Military 

"Nicki was truly a pleasure to work with! Every room in the house was cluttered and disorganized after our move, and I just wasn't able to get control of it on my own. Nicki was able to come in and visualize how each space should be arranged.  She took all the bags of clutter away and brought me the receipts for all donations.  The remaining items were organized to create a useful and relaxing space. She's a very hard worker and keeps going until the job is done."  ---  Sara  A., Maxwell AFB, AL

"What can I say about Nicki and Jo... I have been in the military for 12 years and have moved 6 times. My husband and I have 3 kids now and have acquired a ton of stuff (read: junk) throughout the years that we keep dragging with us from assignment to assignment. When we moved to Alabama I finally said "enough is enough" and found It's Clutter Chaos. Nicki and Jo showed up, and man, these ladies have a system!! By the end of day I felt like a huge weight had been lifted and couldn't wait for them to come back the next day! They are a dynamic duo and don't let off the gas once they're on the job.  They took 12 years of accumulated junk, sorted through what needed to remain, built a new system that works for my family, and restored our household to a place of organization and (relative) calm. That was four months ago and the system is still working! After a particularly crazy Christmas, I invited them back to our home to attack the play room and kids bedrooms, and what I thought would take months to go through they knocked out in one day. I cannot say enough about these gals. The only downfall is that they tell me I can't take them with me when we move again...doesn't mean I won't try! Nicki and Jo - you do a lot more than organize homes, you restore sanity! Thank you for what you do!" --- Leah M., Prattville, AL

"It is very hard to find a professional who is as hard working as Nicki Rupe. With our chaotic schedule Nicki really bent over backwards to accommodate and worked as late as we wanted to take advantage of the time. She truly became a member of the family. Very trustworthy and honest. That's my garage in those pictures on her website. We did all of that work in three days so to say the least she is very hard working."  ---  Jimmy M., Deatsville, AL

​"Nicki and Jodi were so awesome to work with! They were organizing the second they stepped through the door. My house is so much more functional now!  As an added bonus I had a blast with them!  We are so lucky to have stumbled across its clutter chaos.  This is the perfect service for a military family always on the move. After our last move, I didn’t have time to finish organizing all our things.  I.C.C. helped me finish in a weekend what could have easily taken me a year to get to.  I wish I could take ICC with me on every move!!!" 

--- K. Sanders, Maxwell AFB, AL

​"Ms. Nicki was a pleasure to work with and learn from. We are a military family, so she understands our need to get out from under boxes quickly... we are so grateful for her. A must organization service for anyone, especially military families that move every 2-3 years!!!" --- Naomi W., Prattville, AL

"My husband and I just moved cross-country to the Montgomery area.   We had boxes everywhere and no time to sort through them due to our busy work schedules.    We called Nicki of It's Clutter Chaos and she came to the rescue.   She is an extremely hardworking professional organizer who won't stop working until the job is done.    She transformed our cluttered house to an inviting, organized home.   Thank you, Nicki!"  ---  

Deanna M.,Montgomery, AL

"You have made a big improvement in my quality of life by getting my clutter organized, and providing an environment that will keep it organized."  --- Leon M., Montgomery, AL