Professional Organizer, 3-D Effect.    Extensive Declutter, Discard, Donate, and organize your whole home, or specific rooms you want or need to revamp.  We teach you quick and easy techniques to keep your home clutter free and stress free.   Periodic follow-up appointments (free of charge) to help you keep on track for maintaining your neat and tidy home.   The holiday season is upon us for get-togethers with friends, family, and business associates.    Is your home ready?   Let's get started!

Staging and Redesign.     Excellent for preparing your home for real estate sale.  Buyers want a "turn key" home.  They want to imagine their belongings in your house, so go for a clean, streamlined look.  This includes fine tuning the exterior, as a home's curb appeal boosts their curiosity to look inside.    Don't give them a chance to calculate how much they'll deduct from your asking price to do repairs, replacements, repainting, etc.   More space means more money.  Staging, declutter, and organization help you get the most money out of your home.    Capture more potential buyers with organized closets and cabinets (yes, they'll check out how spacious they are...will yours be ready?).   Let's redesign with placement of furnishings and accessories to optimize your home's natural best attributes and downplay the negative ones.   Remember, you won't get a second chance to make a great first impression!   Or, if you're not selling but just want a fresh new look in every room in the house, call me!  Together, we can create new ways to go from ho-hum to woo-hoo!  Let's get started!

Seniors/Empty Nesters Downsizing.    Downsizing from a big home to a smaller abode?  No problem!  Let's  categorize special items you want to keep and share space with in your cozy new digs, and still have room for visiting grandkids or returning college grads.   Great service for retirees and empty nesters relocating to a smaller place.   Let's get started!

Estate Sorting and Clearing.     Oftentimes, it's very difficult, painful, and overwhelming to go through and clear a loved one's many years of occupancy.    I'll be there for you and help lessen the load.  Together we can sort through and decide what treasured collections and items to keep or distribute.   I work with estate appraisers, liquidators, and other specialists to clear and inventory personal property.   I can prepare the estate for sale with interior staging, coordinating realtors, hauling of items,  painters, cleaning and repair people, as well as exterior and landscape services to help get the job done.   To read more about this service, click here for the Estate Clearing  page.

Garage/Attic/Basement/Shed Fine Tuning.     Like many of us, your extended house spaces have turned into one huge and messy storage box.   Let's sort out and organize what's needed for quick access, and store those items you want to keep for future display or use.  I'll help you clear your mind to clear your space.    Let's get started!

Outdoor Zen:  Your deck and patio area need just as much attention to be efficient, organized and inviting as your indoor spaces.   Deck furnishings, outdoor appliances, and plantings can extend your indoor living area to create a serene space to achieve nirvana, or an active and fun place the whole family and guests can enjoy.    We can make it work for you.    Let's get started!

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It's Clutter Chaos!