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It's Clutter Chaos!

"I worked with Nicki Rupe on one of my recent listings and was amazed at the transformation that she did on the home.  She embraced the challenge, was very professional, and surpassed my expectations.  Nicki took a house that had minimal decorating and turned it into a warm and inviting home.  The colors introduced and the placement of furniture and items around the home really made this home a show piece.  I would highly recommend Nicki and would love to work with her again."  ---

Cindy N., Orangeville, Ontario, Canada

"Thank you so much, Nicki, for an amazing transformation of the kids' activity room, and redesigning it within just a few minutes.  It's not only a functional space for them, but now it has a certain casual and grown-up style when entertaining our guests."  ---

Dawn R., Vacaville, CA
"After the first organizing session with Nicki, my office space took on a totally different appearance.  It felt new, it felt fresh, and it felt special.  Most importantly, it felt freeing, and I felt free from my disorganization.   If you're a bit overwhelmed with the clutter in your house and don't have the foggiest idea how to get it done yourself, work with Nicki.  She'll help you make your home feel like a million bucks!"  --- Martha D., The Villages, FL

"I didn't know much about professional organizers and exactly what they did.  I really wanted to have something done about my bedroom closets and drawers.  I was quite surprised when Nicki organized those spaces so quickly.  She definitely knew her stuff!  After talking briefly about my challenges to keeping organized, she patiently explained why and how things were placed the way she did it.  It gave me a better idea how to keep everything in order.  Now I'm happy to enter my closet because it seems so easy to move around and quickly access what I need.  The drawers were jumbled with so much stuff that I was constantly wasting time moving things around to find what I was looking for.  She showed me how simple organizing devices, and decluttering items that I no longer needed or wanted, actually freed up more space.  I find myself staring at my closets and drawers because now they're so pretty AND organized!  I can't wait 'til she comes through to revamp my kitchen!"  ---  Tilda L., The Villages, FL

"It's Clutter Chaos!  turned my disaster area into a serene, organized and efficient space.  Family and friends say they've never seen it look so good! Thanks It's Clutter Chaos!  for giving me tranquility in place of commotion." --- Kathlyn L., Wetumpka, AL

"My husband and I just moved cross-country to the Montgomery area.   We had boxes everywhere and no time to sort through them due to our busy work schedules.    We called Nicki of It's Clutter Chaos and she came to the rescue.   She is an extremely hardworking professional organizer who won't stop working until the job is done.    She transformed our cluttered house to an inviting, organized home.   Thank you, Nicki!"  ---  Deanna M.,Montgomery, AL

" I used to be an organized person.  Medical issues  got my clutter to be too much  to handle.  I needed help , so after a long period of thinking I could do it all myself I decided I'd better call in someone to help me with it.   Nicki knew exactly what to do  and took charge.  I'm so glad because I didn't even know where and how to start, or even had the motivation to start.  She did wonders and now I'm happy to see my house again.   She was really good to work with.  Thank you. " --- Mona L., Prattville, AL

"You have made a big improvement in my quality of life by getting my clutter organized, and providing an environment that will keep it organized."  --- Leon M., Montgomery, AL

"This has truly been a life-changing experience.  I feel like I have a new office room in my home.  The before and after pics are amazing.  From being ashamed to let anyone see my office, I am now proud to show it to anyone.  I love it.  Nicki is great!" --

Betty, Montgomery, AL

"Nicki and Jodi worked magic in our workshop and garage.  We lived in our previous house for 15 years.  I never enjoyed my basement workshop or our garage because I spent more time digging through my "stuff" than getting work done.  My philosophy in life is to do what I do best to make my living.  Organizing and de-cluttering are not what I do best, and I came to realize that I would never take time to organize the workshop and garage at our new place.  If it was going to be done, I would have to pay someone that does that.  I found Nicki and Jodi at  They are organization/efficiency experts!  
          They started by discussing our mutual goals for the work bench, vehicles and equipment in the 40' x 60' shop, and home garage.  The rest of the project was just as productive.  Nicki and Jodi are grouping, separating, discarding gurus.  Plus, they both are knowledgeable, dependable, and hardworking.
          Here are the main benefits now that my shop and garage are reorganized and streamlined:

  • I will waste much less time hunting things.
  • I will work faster with much more open walkways and efficiency in movement.
  • I will stop having to buy things that I know I have, but can't find, and things I don't know I have, because they are buried in a pile or box.
  • I will get much more enjoyment out of our shop and garage because I won't have to look at my cluttered mess.

        Their pricing is very reasonable.  This was some of the best money I've ever spent.

          We sell cars for a living, and we have been successful and blessed in that.  We will stick to selling cars.  I know I am not so good at organizing spaces.  In the future, if I have a need for those services, I'll call Nicki and Jodi, or just message them through " --- John Pigg, President, Pigg Enterprises, Prattville, AL

"Clearing a late family member's home on our work schedules had proved daunting, and had dragged on too long. Luckily we discovered Nicki and It's Clutter Chaos. Nicki provided us with a clear and comprehensive proposal and reasonable cost estimate, including a plan to organize and sort the household contents, arrange donation pickups and trash removal. Nicki and Jodi worked swiftly and energetically, respectfully sorting the contents, and making good recommendations along the way.  They worked hard, handling delicate keepsake items with greatest care, as well as tackling the dirty storage room with zeal. Overall, they cleared two large delivery trucks volume of donations and a trailer full of trash. Best of all, they completed the whole project ahead of schedule and under budget!  In all, they worked with a cheerful, friendly, and encouraging spirit which made a very difficult challenge turn into a success. Rarely have we met such competent and effective professionals whom we would be happy to refer to others. We highly recommend It's Clutter Chaos for any organizing job, big or small. Thanks Nicki and Jodi! " ---R. Foster, Montgomery, AL

"One of the biggest challenges of condensing inherited items to one household is deciding what to keep and what to do with the rest. Nicki and Jodi were there by our sides as we dealt with a move and we downsized relatives to an assisted living. What would have taken me 3 months (if I could have done it!) took 3 weeks with Nicki and Jodi. The cost was reasonable, and we saved money by getting rid of storage rooms and getting our houses on the market quickly! Best investment ever! I will use again for fine tuning!" -- Anne B., Montgomery, AL


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