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-- Kathi Lipp, Clutter Free: Quick and Easy Steps to Simplifying Your Space

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                                                  August  1, 2015:   Finding YOUR Mr. or Ms. Right

Are you currently searching for YOUR Mr. or Ms. Right? 

It occurred to me that people have a bit of a dilemma when looking for a professional organizer because there are many to choose from, specifically, the right one for THEM.  The task of hiring one could be just as overwhelming as the accumulated clutter that stares back.  It really doesn't matter if the organizer is a man or a woman, older or younger, tall or short, has oodles of years' experience or one who is just opening a professional organizing business in the local area. 

Choices also include:  Professional organizers who just want to take on clients living within a 25-mile radius.  Others are willing to travel miles and miles to help someone gain peace and harmony getting them back on the organizing track.  Personally, I have traveled hundreds of miles, and even into a nearby State, to fulfill both my passion for organizing as well as help someone achieve their level of efficiency through better organizing. In addition, there are organizers who absolutely LOVE working with paper and setting up files.  Some have expertise in the kitchen and pantry areas where their work will dazzle the spaghetti off your noodles!  Did you know there are also organizers who specialize in bringing order to your boxes of photographs?

So as professional organizers we come in different sizes, different colors, different genders, and specialists in many areas of organizing.  Whatever specific project you have in mind, there is surely an expert or two that will get the job done.  Like I said, you have many to choose from.  So which one of us gets hired by you?  And does it really matter?

In a way, it does.  Choosing a professional organizer goes beyond just interviewing a candidate to fill a vacancy in a company.  What DOES matter is choosing one who is compatible with not just you, but to the project you have in mind; much like choosing an item from column A and one from column B.  To be honest, it's sort of like sizing up a person as a potential date.   read more...